The 2020 Campaign brought brilliant results.
In 2021 Bolt just didn't have a choice. We had to make a sequel.
That campaign not only won hearts in social media but also had a great impact on business performance. Bolt has gained a large base of new users and significantly increased the volume of trips on New Year's Eve and afterwards.
2021 year brought us a good opportunity to talk about deer again as many passengers were unhappy with drivers who didn't wear a mask at the beginning of the pandemic. They said nonsense like ''Oh don't you worry, I'm not sick'' or even ''This pandemic is not real, Americans are fooling us''.
The only one who reacted immediately to the situation was Bolt. At the beginning of the pandemic, Bolt was the first and only who introduced a safe category for passengers and drivers – Isolated.
"Isolated" category with an anti-virus partition between the driver and the passenger has become a hit since its appearance in the app.
We are very delighted with our client, who was able to react so quickly to the situation and provide people with a safe and cheap way to ride.
To promote "Isolated" rides Bolt immediately made its price lower than regular. Sweet lovely Bolt.
By comparison, a competitor that launched "Isolated" clone did so a few months later and without a regular discount.
Additionally, we communicated a super-economical offer for VISA card holders.
They were guaranteed to receive a 20% discount on all trips. We shared this news in advertising with pleasure.
Affordable prices of Bolt rides and services will also always remain one of the main attributes of the brand.
In the campaign we additionally talked about other super-dupers things of Bolt like: Kids Category and Pets Category, 50% discount on rides to the airports for VISA premium card holders, a rent of electric scooters, Bolt Food service, launch of Bolt in many cities of Ukraine and about many others.
About Bolt electric scooters, Bolt Food and discounts for rides to the airport:
About Kids, Pets and Delivery:
About "Isolated", discounts from VISA and new cities to ride in:
We are pretty sure this campaign will be as successful as the first one. So then we will have to make the third one, for sure.

What the third campaign can be about? We will see what the next year will bring us.
Don't switch.
Thank you for reading!