2019. Bolt is a challenger in the market of mobile transportation services. It was competing with Uklon and Uber successfully by offering more attractive prices.
Our task was to give people a reason to stay with Bolt for longer.
But also Bolt faced zero category loyalty. When discounts ended people switched from Bolt app to another app for rides with no sorrow or regrets.
We found the source of growth where we were looking. At competitors. A few years ago, to meet the growing demand for services they had to hire almost everyone in a row.
So you could be welcomed by a happy owner of a tuned Lanos car and a smoking aroma inside the car salon.
The future faced the past. After some time, apps for rides started to take nicer drivers, but people had already used to receive bad experiences.
Bolt started its business in the apps for rides market later, so it wasn't in the situation like others.
Its policy of gradual growth and improved driver selection program allowed it to maintain the quality of service at a high level.
That insight was Bolt's best photo angle. So we turned Bolt to the passengers on that side.
Of course for a proper New Year's campaign that changes the world and unites hearts, we needed an eye-catching and an outstanding opinion leader. But it turned out as it turned out.
Bumpers for passengers
Bumpers for drivers
The main achievement of the campaign was that the number of rides increased 5.3 times, which was 2.7 times more than we expected. Bolt app reached the first place in the AppStore. And our case won two Golden in EuroEffie, which was the very first time that a Ukrainian case won a Golden in the international competition of efficiency EuroEffie there.
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