This case is about the launch of the Roshen Wafers line on the market of wafers that already had a strong leader. And how we've managed to create an equally strong competitor for it.
For many years in Ukraine, the waffle shelf was run by a brand whose name could be used as a name of the category. Artek waffles.
Competitors constantly attacked his Olympus, with no success though. At best, they reached only a tenth of its share (this is not a pun).
Artek from Svitoch occupied two thirds of the market and was the undisputed waffle' owner of food baskets for many years.
Everyone has already given up, turned off their confectionery lines and started whining at home, but not Roshen. During the long winter nights, the mustachioed geniuses of the confectionery business were inventing new waffles. And they succeeded.
Roshen confectioners have made waffles that taste like heavenly nectar on Aphrodite's fingers. And they swore by their chocolate blood that they would not tell the recipe to anyone. Never. Not for anything. And no… That's not true.
The truth is that the confectioners added real nuts, milk and chocolate to the waffles instead of fake nuts, milk and chocolate as competitors did. We say – they are geniuses.
We decided not to advertise the entire line, but to choose a locomotive product which will be communicated and that will lead to sales. The new Roshen Wafers line needed its new face. Its own star.
Artek's sales structure helped us to solve this problem. It turned out that more than 50 percent of its sales are made by just one SKU. Waffles "Classic". Bingo.
In order to test whether our nut waffles can replace the "Classic" from Artek, we conducted our "blind" tests. And it was exactly there where we opened our third eye. People were so zealous in praising the new waffles from Roshen that we believed them.
Then the muse of the obvious came into the room and said:
"Do exactly the same, just turn on the camera."
And these are our favorite 15 seconds
and the last 15 seconds
During the advertising campaign, Roshen waffles bit off as much as 16.4 percent of the market. No one had been able to do this for many years. After the campaign, the share continued to grow and reached 21 percent. It's a lot. Brand knowledge reached 47 percent. That's a lot too.

If you finished reading, we love you very much. Mwah.