This case is about launching the Martini sub-brand on the Ukrainian market — light easy-mix Martini&Tonic cocktails. In it, we will tell how we turned an unknown cocktail into a headliner of that hot summer.
In 2017, the Bacardi-Martini company decided to launch the sub-brand Martini&Tonic — light easy-mix cocktails, which were supposed to start a reboot of Ukrainians' understanding of Martini consumption culture.
We needed to maintain the absolute volume of sales in bottles, build knowledge of the sub-brand, reaching at least 50% of the audience, realize 250,000 cocktail samples per season, etc.
The budget for the launch of the subbrand was 2 times less than the average media budget for the launch in the alcohol category, the category was falling, and the price of the product, on the contrary, was growing. Despite this, we faced ambitious tasks.
To achieve our goals, we did the impossible. And created a global precedent for the brand at the world level. For the first time in the world, Martini became a sponsor of a music festival.
Before that, the Martini brand had never sponsored music festivals anywhere in the world. Moreover, it was expressly forbidden by the headquarters.
But considering the fact that the possibilities of Atlas Weekend were the only possible solution at that time, we were able to win the permission of the head office to participate in this festival. And they got impressive results.
The growth of the absolute volume in bottles amounted to + 13.3%. For comparison, the Russian market in a similar situation and for a similar period showed a negative result of growth.
Sales growth occurred simultaneously in on-trade and off-trade. A record 302,800 sample contacts were implemented within the framework of the festival. As part of the advertising campaign, the brand provided coverage of 69% at frequency 3+ only with the help of paid media and more than 1 million contacts within the framework of owned media.
Brand got none! negative comments on social networks for the entire project period — only words of thanks, photos with friends and a Martini & Tonic cocktail in hand.
Well, it's cool, right?