This case is about how we performed a New Year's miracle and saved the annual sales plans for NOVUS.
In November 2016, NOVUS had to make a breakthrough to reach planned annual KPI's. We had 30 days to give the NOVUS business what was supposed to get from the opening of 3 new supermarkets.
We faced purely mathematical tasks: to increase an average cash receipt and the total number of cash receipts without reducing the margin of goods.
We were the first retailers to offer customers a discount of up to 99%, and they led to the revenue increase + 31% revenue for the period (compared to last year).
In one campaign, we took into account the motives of two different audiences at once: "switchers" who hunt for profit regardless of the retail network, and "loyal" – committed to NOVUS and their shopping list.
At the box office, these two audiences had an instant benefit - a lottery card with discounts of up to 99% on their check.
And photos of the winners of each supermarket were advertised on social networks targeting the areas of these supermarkets. So, the residents saw that while they were staying home, at that moment someone had won a huge discount!
Thus, NOVUS increased the average cash receipt compared to the previous year by + 16% and "got" the required interest in money.