This is a warming story about the quick and successful reboot of the brand Prime.
PRIME is the brand leader of the alcohol company Olimp. Despite the stable investments in the media and TOP-3 positions in the share of voice, the brand has lost its market share over the past 5 years. In 2020, Prime lost its distribution in the trade networks and only partially restored it in the summer. In the end, the average annual market share reached its lowest level in the brand's history.
Such suspense in the history of PRIME seemed to be saying to the company "Oh, damn it" and "it seems, it's time to get together for some shots."
A warming brand needs a strong distribution and a warm perception. We have accepted the challenge to revive the perception of the PRIME brand. In terms of brand perception, it was not inferior to market leaders such as Nemiroff, Khortytsia and Khlibny Dar. At the same time, according to three main characteristics of the distilled drinks brand's choice - "quality", "status", "reliability", PRIME barely stays in the TOP-10. In addition, a younger audience did not notice Prime at all and didn't consider buying it.
According to the research results, at Rockets we noticed an interesting contradiction: although PRIME had weak positions in the key image characteristics of brand's choice, at the same time it remained the leader of perception in other no less important categories: "premium", "stylish", "intellectual".
To restore the perception of PRIME, we decided to communicate strong characteristics, but we needed to talk about them in a new way. The reason for the communication was the updated bottle design. The new design according to all research was highly appreciated by the audience, especially the younger ones, even better than the previous one, and it also won in direct comparison with competitors.
Usually distilled drinks brands demonstrate premium characteristics as "successful success". Even PRIME did the same before. The hero of an ad campaign definitely was the man with a glass of spirit drink in his hand. The man that adores himself in an expensive suit. And women adore that man in an expensive suit. And partners adore him in an expensive suit, because he already reached that goddamn suit and that "successful success".

Of course, that perception of reality is far away from real life, and vodka is considered buying not only by men. The truth is that men and women who are choosing premium brands never think that they have already reached their own top.

Achievement for them is an interesting process that never stops. No matter what everyone does, no matter what their status or wealth is today, their common feature is the belief that they are worth more and should be the first in everything, and it is only a matter of time when that happens. We built the PRIME creative platform on this idea.
Animated and static digital banners have been added to catch the eye of the most zealous in the race for the championship (because they are immersed in their laptops and skip everything that is not a zoom-call).
We also supported the campaign with radio commercials and created joint radio projects with HitFM, LuxFM, KissFM and Nashe Radio.
In just the first 3 months of the campaign, we doubled PRIME's market share in terms of volume and money. And thanks to that PRIME returned to the TOP-5 of the largest vodka brands in Ukraine and continues to grow. Why not say Cheers loudly?
To your health!
alcohol company OLIMP:
Stas Nizhnikovskyy, marketing director
Valeriy Gryb, head of development in vodka category
Rockets. Growth R&D:
Vlad Polonskiy, strategy
Kateryna Magon, producer
Sasha Lytvynenko, creative director
Gvardiya Production House:
Oleg Koshovyy, executive producer
Sasha Lytvynenko, director
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