Behind every business there are people obviously.
There are people behind businesses in Ukraine who are fighting to protect their own country and own main national value - the Freedom. We are striving to save our borders to be free in our own independent country, to be free to complain about its bad traffic in the morning and to be free to feast our eyes on lilacs during peaceful May.
There are people behind every business, so every business has its bravery and weakness as people have. Someone is transforming fear into force from the first day of the war, its time - into volunteering, its finances - into donations to Ukrainian Army and into salaries for employees. Someone is getting lost in what to do because there are cries for help from everywhere. And someone is feeling ashamed because they can help very little.
From the first day of the war Bolt decided to stay in Ukraine and to help the Ukrainians. Because Bolt knows that Ukrainians will win due to their unity. Also Bolt knows very well that every long route is made from small and sometimes not noticeable centimeters.
For example, in Rockets. Growth R&D we are volunteering to find, buy and send the necessary equipment to the Ukrainian Army. A cafe nearby is helping to keep us alive with a "big, Guatemala, with coconut milk, please". Bolt, among others, is helping Ukrainians to drive through Ukraine to reunite with their families or to get to safer places.
Bolt wanted to inspire the businesses in Ukraine to drive a route to win together.
People and businesses are able to help. They are able to make big and small donations, not to sleep but still help when sirens are on, to tweet to Euro Commision for help to come on, to keep grany's mood in a bomb shelter on, because when it's war - it's time to help and gather on to the victory.
Together with Bolt and other wonderful companies we talked to businesses in Ukraine in a social commercial to inspire them to help Ukraine. Because no one can defeat us when we are united.

Together we drive the win.