How PrivatBank together with the "Save Ukraine" charity fund organized a charity event for children orphaned because of the war
The year 2022 united Ukrainians like never before. They donated for such things as aid to the Armed Forces, the Territorial Defense Forces, help to internally displaced people, buying weapons, humanitarian aid, drones, uniforms, satellites, etc. But there was also such a category that was painful even for its existence – children whose parents are gone because of the war.
PrivatBank actively helped the country throughout the war and could not stand aside. The bank only said: we are getting things done.
PrivatBank has set a goal. Together with Ukrainians, to raise money for the "Save Ukraine" charity fund for gifts that would provide care, nurture and a sense of safety for these children during the holidays.

Our task was to break through the hundreds and thousands of other collections of money, to be heard and to remind people of the good that we all can do.
Like the client, we simply said: we are getting things done.
With this campaign, we wanted to convey a simple idea: a New Year's miracle is possible for children orphaned by the war only with the joint efforts of the Ukrainians. Now we, as adults, are responsible for them. Because they are our children too.
And especially we, the adults, will illuminate their path. Support, help. We are their light, the guide they need so much.
That's how we created our poignant video about important things. About the light that is in each of us.
The well-known song of the band S.K.A.Y "Подаруй світло" (in eng. give the light) became the musical accompaniment for our video. And we recorded this song with the children's choir.
We are getting
good things done