The glo brand, which makes cool devices that heat tobacco, contacted us, so we developed a cool strategy and a creative idea for glo. That's the short version. And if you want in more detail, then read on.
We have learned more about glo devices and immediately fell in love with them. And we also studied glo's competitor, he-who-must-not-be-named and many people do not like its smell . Nevertheless, glo competitor founded the category of tobacco heating devices in Ukraine and spent significant budgets on building its brand. In turn, glo's strategy was initially undifferentiated. glo was not communicating enough and was focused on quick sales. As a result, people perceive glo as an unfashionable version of the competitor and overlook its advantages. Therefore, glo could only offer an attractive price to the consumers.

Surprisingly, at in-depth interviews, the audience did not hesitate to scold the competitor: there are not enough sessions without recharging, in public places it attracts unwanted attention with its smell and all those things. So we discovered that the audience tolerates inconveniences for the sake of image. And we could solve this trouble with the help of cool glo.
We outlined three tasks for the new glo image. To get out of the competitor's shadow and dig into its weaknesses. To highlight the unique characteristics of the glo category. To draw to glo and thus to compensate for the non-competitive media budget.
The competitor hides many of the product's shortcomings behind its beautiful wrapper. While glo has product benefits which are considered untrendy. So we decided to free fashionistas from tolerating flaws for the sake of image and inspire them to choose what they want. This is how our strategic idea was born: glo frees from the constraints of fashion.
We persistently choose what is trendy, even when something of this trend does not suit us very well. In a world where all as everyone, glo inspires to #rebel_yourself with the stylish and functional glo PRO SLIM, for which we developed a launch campaign.
We divided the 360 campaign into three levels and made a lot of materials for each of them.

For example, to build awareness, we created digital banners and in-store ads with an image message about the new glo PRO SLIM.
For acquisition, we updated the site together with the client and made materials for conversion campaigns: banners for driving traffic to the site, teasers for remarketing and e-mails about the product characteristics of glo PRO SLIM that called to #rebel_yourself.
For retention we made emails, Telegram chat bot messages and even a guide for the glo support service, which has now become a carrier of brand positioning.
So come to glo boutiques, consume responsibly, choose your own and remember: #rebel_yourself